About Us

Crosstitutes is a women-owned brand based in Bend, OR. It was created by founders Haley & Briony, two best friends committed to personal and artistic growth through a feminist lens. Started as a side hobby in 2016, Crosstitutes now has grown into a full time passion project, encompassing everything from individual custom orders to community events and fundraisers. Our focuses include everything from sex positivity and ableism to diet culture, racism, gender equality, mental health, climate change, body neutrality and our burning hate for Marjorie Taylor Greene. And best of all, we do it all through the power of cross-stitching and embroidery.
Our goal is to inspire change in how women treat and support each other, and to encourage everyone to think critically about the world we live in. We believe in amplifying the voices of all women, and strive to make our designs and community as inclusive as possible. 
Through our unique and edgy designs, we hope to start conversations, challenge the status quo, and make a difference in our community and beyond. So if you're looking for some feminist flair to add to your home or wardrobe, look no further than Crosstitutes. We're more than just a brand, we're a community who believe in speaking our truths and making a difference in the world.